Main Goals

- Helping in developing programs and methodologies for a successful educational system that integrates career readiness and college preparation.

- Participating in developing the application/integration of technology in education (hardware and software) into the school system.

- Keeping myself informed about new concepts and studies related to career readiness and college preparation.

- Do my best to be updated for technological equipment and web applications that can be integrated for education, by participating, virtually or in person, to local, national and international workshops or informal sessions and conferences, designed for technological integration into education.



- To help in developing a bridge between United States and Eastern European’s education system. The educational bridge will help students to increase their collaboration, creativity and innovation in:

a. using digital technology,

b. communicating and collaborating with students  (same age or closer) and with teachers from participating countries,

c. becoming digital citizens,

d. understanding the technological concepts and how to apply these concepts in life,

e. helping them to develop a global understanding of social life, defining a better critical thinking, problem solving, and a good decision making.

 - To learn more and apply the knolwedge in philosophy of education, educational policy, methodology and leadership using inquiry and practice.