Claiborne Pell’s profound visionary wisdom has had a strong impact on me.  I understood that education is the soul of a nation, from which the language of knowledge emerges. Education starts from the first days of our life and never stops. The wonderful thing about education is that it can become richer and richer assuring a solid foundation for our life, giving us also the opportunity to give others what we received; the more we learn, the more we can give; the more we give the more we can receive. Nothing is more precious than receiving a smile from a tutoree, or from a peer, when we share what we know. Nothing can be more valuable than receiving a sincere “Thank you!” when together we work in achieving a better outcome.

A good teacher will always care for the other! A good teacher knows that nobody is smart or stupid: there are only educated or less-educated people. Education is learning about the past, about all was discovered until the moment of learning. Learning about the past helps us making informed decision for present; to not repeat the same mistakes. Knowing the past, our history, can make us wiser. The wise teacher helps the other to become wiser than her/himself!

The role of the teacher is to share her/his knowledge with a passion that transforms the boring into an excitement. Nobody is born a teacher, but the passion to share with others can transform anyone into a charismatic teacher. In a way, all of us are educators. All of us teach something to someone if we care about the other: first as a brother/sister to a younger sibling, later-on as a class mate to a peer, as a lover to the loved one, as a parent to the child, as a master to a work colleague, as a grand-parent to grand-children. Teachers embrace this work of education to make easy the ways in which younger generations understand the past for a better future. For a teacher, dedication is to share and continue to learn along with the new generations, because a teacher is nothing else than a trained student; this is the teacher's definition that I embrace!

Being a trained student, the teacher knows the hard and the easy ways to share with others the pleasure of learning. When students are determined to be motivated in learning, education becomes a way of living. No student wants to lose time for learning nothing! I am convinced that any child wants to prove her/his power of learning; any child wants to repay the effort of her/his parents showing her/his consideration. Children want to learn the best they can use in building the power to help those that show care, love and consideration to them. Any child wants to be the best student. Students want to learn. It is how human mind is made. A student stops to be interested into learning or because it was determined by the social life or because s/he is not determined by the responsible factors. Either way, it is in our duty as teachers to help students in passing these crucial moments.

Everybody makes mistakes, but also mistakes are the portals of discovery (James Joyce). When students are encouraged to not see mistakes as the “end of the world” but to learn from them, they start to see life as it is: with ups and downs, with pleasures and pain. Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new (Albert Einstein) and many times what is “new” can hurt. To find the “personal way” toward success it takes a lot of effort, but these efforts can become fun when a teacher shares her/his knowledge with passion and care. Knowledge is power (Sir Francis Bacon) for success. The good part is that this “power”, when shared, increases for each one of us, regardless of our race or ethnicity, language or religious beliefs, sexual orientations or social origins. Education is, and will be, a social activity. The act of education is the most altruistic act that humans can do. Knowledge is most efficient when shared.  It is not supposed to be for the benefit of the self, but for the benefit of all.